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MV Lifts are able to offer you a complete range of service lifts and dumbwaiters that are proven to provide most answers to the issues involved in moving goods through a building between floors from a bottle of wine to engineering components.

The range of service lifts/hoists and goods lifts we offer are ideal for the repeated movement of small loads in a range of businesses. These lifts are often referred to as ‘dumb waiters’, food lifts or small service hoists because of the invaluable assistance installing such a product can give a busy catering environment.

service lifts by MV Lift services

Benefits of our service lifts

  • Wide range of models and options available for maximum flexibility
  • Installation in just 1-2 days for a 2-floor lift, with minimal disruption
  • Survey and expert guidance with no obligation
  • Structure supported for easy installation
  • High standards of safety in both the products and how they are installed and maintained
  • Quiet and efficient high-power motor
  • Easy-clean hard wearing finish
  • Stainless steel available as an option especially beneficial in the movement of food
  • Low headroom options available
  • Bottom drive options available
  • Double decker options available