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The Ecocell® Evacuation Lift is designed to reduce energy consumption and to provide an "integrated stand-by power supply" for evacuation and power loss situations. An Ecocell® can be fitted as a new or replacement lift.

Various Sizes

Ecocell® lifts are available in all sizes up to 13 persons and come with geared or gearless traction drive.

Glass lift installation by MV Lifts

Green Power

Photovoltaic panels or wind turbines can be installed as an option to power the batteries.

Lift Servicing & Repair

Reduced Cost

Reduced operational costs up to 10 times less than any conventional traction passenger lift and 15 times less that any conventional hydraulic passenger lift.

Power Backup

The battery backup system means the Ecocell® will continue to run in the event of a power failure. As an evacuation lift it will do over 100 journeys on battery power alone.


Self-evacuation is possible utilising an access control system to give priority call and fire recall isolation to disabled users.

Battery Guarantee

A Ecocell® lift comes with a guaranteed battery life

Ecocell brochure for Morris Vermaport Ecocell evacuation lift

Ecocell® Evacuation Lift

Please download our Evacuation Lift brochure, if you should require further information please give our head office a call on 03300 554 291

The Ecocell Evacuation passenger lift is the most eco-friendly traction lift solution available in the UK and fully complies with the British Standard BS EN 81-20/50

Ecocell lifts are available in all sizes up to 13 persons, with geared or gearless traction drive, and options for “thru car” or “open adjacent” entrances. The Ecocell can also reach speeds of up to 1.0m\s and travel up to 40m.

The Ecocell can be fully specified for the purpose of an evacuation lift and can also prioritise disabled users in case of an emergency.

The ecocell runs directly off the single-phase supply, and the Lithium-ion batteries can be adjusted to balance the supply depending upon lift usage. The gearless motor has been designed to use only a power rating of 3.0kW from the mains supply which is equivalent to a small residential electrical component.

If your building is already equipped with photovoltaic panels, or other alternative power source capabilities, the Ecocell can run for free.

The Ecocell®; is the lowest energy passenger lift solution in the UK. It will add to the sustainability of the build environment.

Evacuation Lift Projects