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Our LOLER Inspection Services

MV Lifts has tailored its services to be a one-stop shop for all your lift needs. We have developed a fully impartial and independent LOLER inspection service nationwide which is carried out by a third party to ensure there is no conflict of interest but enables us to ensure you get the same level of service and communication we pride ourselves on across the other services we provide.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998); it refers to the ongoing inspections of lifting equipment and lifting operations for companies that employ the use of mechanical equipment for production. It is not enough to assume new equipment is fault-free; it must be checked and verified that it’s safe to use.

A regular thorough examination is required by LOLER lifting regulations. These regulations apply to all organisations whose employees use lifting equipment whether owned by them or not. Regulations place the responsibility of ensuring a competent qualified person inspects lifts on the lift owner or site manager.

LOLER thorough examinations or lift inspections are required by law to improve health and safety and reduce the risk of accidents due to faulty or un-serviced lifts.

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Loler inspection checklist by MV Lifts Nottingham

LOLER lift Inspection Regulations Include:


Duty holders are responsible for ensuring lifts are examined at statutory intervals

Loler inspections


Lifts and hoists used to lift people or loads must be examined by a ‘competent person’

Loler inspections

Remedy Faults

Any defects or faults with lifting equipment must be remedied promptly

Loler inspections UK


Accurate records and documentation must be kept and made available

Loler inspections UK

Inspection Frequency

LOLER inspections must be carried out by law every 6 months for passenger lifts or 12 months for goods lifts, this ensures they are safe for continual use.

Loler inspections frequency


MV Lifts has developed a fully impartial and independent LOLER service nationwide which is carried out by a third party to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Lolor lift inspection by MV Lifts Nottingham

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations: 1998: PUWER Inspection

PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) covers a set of regulations designed to ensure that all equipment and machinery in the workplace are safe to use and pose no significant, foreseeable risk to the health and safety of employees, employers and anyone else who has access to them.

Some of the PUWER Regulations include:

  • Placing the responsibility of maintaining machinery, such as lifting equipment, with companies who own, operate or have control over the machinery.
  • Regular maintenance of work equipment to upkeep a safe condition.
  • Equipment inspections to detect faults and improve health and safety.
  • Proper health and safety measurements being in place in the event of equipment failure.
  • Lift maintenance is restricted to those with full training and qualifications.

HSE: Simple Guidance For Lift Owners