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We offer a full range of goods lifts for all applications.

MV Lifts have over 40 years of experience installing goods lifts and service lifts throughout the retail, commercial and industrial sector. Whatever the tonnage requirements, we can offer a solution to accommodate the movement of goods and raw materials throughout your premises.

We can configure your goods lift or service lift for any application. Whether this is goods only with destination controls or goods and attendants with car controls. A multitude of custom options are also available for the lift car interior, lift doors, and lift door protection or we can work with your surveyor on any custom requirements as we understand each application may require specific needs.

As with all lifts on completion of Installation, it will undergo full Testing and Commissioning to current lift regulations before being put into service.

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Lift Installation for the British Heart foundation sheffield by MV Lifts

Goods Lift Models

Goods lift brochure Morris Vermaport lifts.

Goods Platform Lifts

Please download our Goods Platform Lift brochure, if you should require further information please give our head office a call on 03300 554 291

Benefits of our Goods, Service & Goods Passenger lifts

  • Motor Room-Less (MRL) traction lift options
  • Light goods format, making it ideal for hotels, and businesses, where the lift must look aesthetically pleasing as part of your general building decor, but still be capable of being used for the movement of goods
  • Conventional traction lifts – whether to replace existing machinery or to cater for the larger lift market we can provide solutions from 2 to 33 people at speeds of up to 2.5m/s
  • Conventional hydraulic lifts – most popular in low to medium-rise buildings where traffic demand is not an issue and machine room is available even if remote from the lift shaft
  • Bespoke goods passenger lift options are available to meet your unique needs. Contact us to discuss these in more detail
  • Solutions where the highest standards of safety are incorporated in the products themselves and the method of installation and maintenance
  • Solutions available to carry weights up to 2000kg, our lifts make easy work of heavy loads moving bulky goods between floors and elevated storage, basically anywhere that you need to move heavy items ideal for factories, schools, hotels, shopping centres and many more.

Goods Lift Projects