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The Vermaport® Cart Conveyor is designed to assist people to navigate multi-level retail environments – a trusted solution for all vertical transportation needs in an increasingly evolving environment

Our staff are experienced in the design, production and running of the Vermaport® Cart Conveyor. In order to offer the best solution for your store, we are able to produce the unit in several inclinations and lengths.

It can be used in parallel and adjacent to an escalator or stairs without the need of supervision or direction from store personnel.

vermaport cart conveyor brochure revision 2024

Vermaport Brochure

Please download our Vermaport general information brochure, if you should require further information please give our head office a call on 03300 554 291

Vermaport cart conveyor technical brochure 2024 revision

Technical Brochure

Please download our Vermaport Tecnical brochure, if you should require further information please give our head office a call on 03300 554 291


The Vermaport® can move between 600-800 shopping carts an hour, whereas a passenger lift moves around 111 per hour, carrying 2 carts per journey

No Supervision

The Vermaport® can be used in parallel and adjacent to an escalator or a fixed staircase, without the need for supervision or direction from in-store personnel

Safety & Energy Covered

The Vermaport® is equipped with the latest technology and control systems and is fully automated with in-built safety and energy saving features

Instant Shutdown

The emergency stop button allows instant shutdown

Not Just For Customers

Store staff can easily utilise the Vermaport® for moving stock and packaging between levels

Space Saving

Using a Vermaport® as opposed to a travelator enables you to save around 11.8 m2 of space

The Vermaport® shopping cart conveyor in K-Mart Middle Village, Queens, New York City was the world’s longest Shopping Cart Conveyor we have ever produced. A double unit with a length of 120ft and a vertical rise of 50ft. This ground breaking unit carries more than 800 shoppers per hour throughout the store maximizing retail sales opportunities.

Vermaport Shopping Cart Conveyor, an investment in good performance. Offering in-store customer throughflow efficiency, outstanding customer experience and safety in an ever changing world.

The cart or trolley is simply inserted into the Vermaport, in either the up or down direction, while the customer travels on an adjacent escalator or stairs. Making the Vermaport shopping cart conveyor truly unique.

Upon arrival at the next level, the customer retrieves the cart and is thereby able to navigate the entire store, floor-to-floor. Without any interruption of their shopping experience.

vermport crt conveyor in carre four paris france
vermaport shopping cart conveyor showing cart entrance

Minimal investment for maximum returns

The Vermaport saves valuable retail space and minimises levels of investment required when looking for vertical transportation solutions. A single Vermaport can transport up to 800 carts per hour, compared to 5 x 16 person lifts to move the same amount.

A range of over 30 carts have been pre-approved for the Vermaport.

There are currently more than 450 units throughout the world located in more than 40 countries.

Some of the existing clients already benefitting from Vermaport Cart Conveyors: IKEA, Whole Foods, Carrefour, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Alpha Mega, Toys R Us.

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