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MV Lifts Stratergies to Combat Polution & Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Morris Vermaport Lifts, where sustainability meets innovation in the world of vertical transportation. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and creating a greener future. Our revolutionary Ecocell Lifts are engineered to minimise energy consumption while maximising efficiency, elevating your experience while contributing to a cleaner planet.

At Morris Vermaport Lifts, we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy-reducing solutions. From advanced regenerative drives that harness and reuse energy to energy-efficient LED lighting systems, innovative secondary power supplies and shaft heat loss reduction solutions, our lifts minimise their carbon footprint without compromising performance or safety. We actively participate in environmental projects, collaborating with local communities and organisations to promote sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join us in our mission to build a more sustainable future and let’s raise sustainability to new heights.

Sustainability Initiatives

How MV Lifts Helps Sustainability


Experience the power of energy-efficient lifts with our Ecocell range. These single-phase lifts not only consume low energy but also provide a standby power solution through a battery bank. Over a 20-year period, they can save up to 48,209 kg of CO2, contributing to a greener future.

Ecocell Retrofit

Upgrade your existing geared or gearless machine with our Ecocell Retrofit system. This innovative solution offers the same energy and cost-saving benefits as our Ecocell range while providing a secondary power supply. Say goodbye to additional costs for secondary input when retrofitting for Evac regulations.

Ecogen Drive

Harness wasted energy in elevators with our Ecogen Drives. Our system captures and stores the energy wasted during motor braking, using it efficiently in subsequent trips. With energy savings of up to 70%, no harmonic distortion, and no added standby consumption, our Ecogen Drives surpass standard regenerative drives in efficiency.


Achieve eco-balance through your lift shaft with Ecovent. This intelligent system automatically controls ventilation openings, reducing heat loss and power consumption. By optimising shaft ventilation, Ecovent helps minimise environmental impact while ensuring optimal performance.


Join us in our commitment to restoring healthy ecosystems and combating climate change. Through our partnership with Ecologi, Morris Vermaport plants over 10,000 trees annually across the globe. By supporting local reforestation schemes, we sequester and store carbon in soils and plant biomass, while promoting biodiversity.

Carbon Avoidance Projects

At Morris Vermaport, we actively contribute to global carbon avoidance efforts. Annually, we prevent over 230 tonnes of CO2 emissions through various projects. By supporting these initiatives, we not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also restore nature and support local communities.

MV Lifts Commitment To A More Sustainable Future

At Morris Vermaport, we are deeply committed to minimising our environmental impact and embracing sustainable practices. Our dedication begins with responsible sourcing strategies, prioritising local companies near our client’s sites whenever possible to reduce transportation emissions. As an ISO 14001-accredited company, we take pride in showcasing our commitment to Environmental Management.

One of our flagship offerings is the Ecocell® range of battery-powered lifts. These lifts not only significantly reduce energy consumption but also come equipped with an integrated standby power supply. This innovative feature eliminates the need for costly and potentially harmful secondary power sources, ensuring a more environmentally friendly solution.

The Ecocell® lift boasts a bank of individual batteries and chargers, which can be conveniently charged using alternative power sources such as PV cells or wind turbines. This sustainable approach enables a greener operation and contributes to a more sustainable future.

In line with our sustainable practices, we have joined forces with Ecologi to actively decarbonise our activities. Trees play a crucial role in mitigating climate change by sequestering CO2 and restoring healthy ecosystems. Through community-led projects, we ensure the planting of ecologically appropriate tree species in suitable locations, safeguarding them from natural and human-induced threats. These reforestation initiatives also provide numerous co-benefits to local communities, including employment opportunities, gender equality, diverse food sources, and improved community facilities.

Morris Vermaport has actively participated in various global reforestation projects. Notable among them is our support for a reforestation initiative in Changalene, Mozambique, where we funded the planting of 10,438 trees. Additionally, we have contributed to forest restoration projects in Kenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

In addition to our reforestation efforts, MV Lifts has played a significant role in preventing hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions through various verified carbon avoidance projects. By supporting these projects, we actively contribute to preventing greenhouse gas emissions, restoring nature, and supporting local communities. It’s worth noting that the projects we endorse are certified by reputable standards such as the Gold Standard, Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS), and Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta).

Among the notable projects we have funded is a renewable solar electricity initiative in Egypt, which has already avoided 182.23 tonnes of CO2e. Additionally, we have supported projects that produce energy from waste rice husks in India, resulting in the avoidance of 152 tonnes of CO2e to date. Moreover, our contributions to wind power projects in Northeast Thailand and the distribution of cleaner cookstoves in Zambia and Ghana have helped avoid 98 tonnes and 50 tonnes of CO2e, respectively.

In addition to these sustainability initiatives, we offer a diverse range of energy-efficient lifts and supplementary products designed to minimise environmental impact. Our offerings include the highly acclaimed Ecocell® range and retrofitting packages known for their exceptional energy efficiency. We also take pride in our Eco Regen Drives, which surpass conventional regenerative drives in terms of performance and efficiency. Furthermore, our shaft ventilation solutions effectively address the energy loss associated with the “open window” effect of open shaft ventilation, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to explore how Morris Vermaport can assist you in reducing energy consumption and achieving your Net Zero goals. Together, let’s embrace sustainability and pave the way for a greener and more promising future.

Climate Projects MV Lifts Has Sponsored

Sustainability & Social Values

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