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Lift Installation Worcester

Worcester, United Kingdom

Lift Installation Worcester using MV Lifts exclusive and truly unique Ecocell Evacuation Lift which we are proud to have installed in the University of Worcester Edward Elgar Building. The University of Worcester has recently had a number of MV Lifts Ecocell lifts installed and this is an ongoing project. The lift installation was phase one, phase two has just been completed namely the fitting of the self-evacuation system which utilises an access control system that will give priority calls to disabled users along with priority fire recall all by using a swipe card override. The Eccocell can allow approx 120 floor-to-floor runs during a power outage or an emergency.

The Ecocell is designed to reduce energy consumption and to provide an “integrated standby power supply” for evacuation and power loss situations. An Ecocell can be fitted as a new lift or a replacement lift.