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MV Lifts Completes significant Quadplex Lift Modernisation

MV Lifts recently completed a noteworthy quadplex lift modernisation at an exclusive business park in Camberley, Surrey, signifying a comprehensive overhaul across all four lifts. The upgrade introduced new car flooring, car operating panels with vibrant colour TFT displays, and advanced colour TFT indicators above each entrance, all interconnected with new landing pushes. The lift pits underwent a transformation with new maintenance controls and a fresh coat of non-slip paint, while the lift car tops received extensive attention, including compliant guard rails, updated controls, and an improved auto dialler system featuring GSM technology, additionally, all lift car doors now boast new variable frequency operators. The motor room saw substantial renovations, incorporating a new four-car group microprocessor-based control system, A3-compliant lift machines, and sheave brakes.

This ambitious modernization project is a source of pride for MV Lift’s modernisation department. Beyond elevating the aesthetic appeal, the initiative ensures the future resilience of this quadplex of lifts, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety for the next generation users at this prestigious business park address. The commitment to state-of-the-art technology and meticulous upgrades aligns with MV Lift’s dedication to excellence in the field of lift modernisation.