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City Hospital Bed Lift Installation


MV Lifts have completed the replacement of three outstanding lifts for Nottingham City Hospital. This Lift Installation comprises a duplex of Heavy Duty bed lifts to move patients from floor to floor in this very busy Maternity unit with the smoothness of the lift operation is of paramount importance, adjacent to the bed lifts is a smaller passenger lift. Lift Installation was delayed after a structural survey discovered the walls would not be suitable to bear the weight of the lift and the lift would have to be installed within its own heavyweight steel structure which had to be custom-made to fit within the shaft and to be suitable to carry a duplex of bed lifts with a capacity of 2500kg each. The passenger lift although in a different shaft would also require the same structure.

The Lift Installation had to be carried out in stages to allow access to continue for the maternity unit, 1st was the passenger lift, and then remove the 1st of two Hydraulic lifts, install the steel structure and replace it with a state-of-the-art digital control, Traction lift. Our service team was on-site 24/7 to counter any breakdowns with the one remaining bed lift.

Structural Steel lift shaft is installed

Now the structural steelwork is in place the Lift Installation could commence all whilst ensuring the one remaining bed lift is kept in service throughout with our team of on-site Service Engineers who maintain the entire lift suite at the Nottingham City Hospital. The passenger lift and the 1st bed lift are complete and undergo thorough testing before removing the 2nd bed lift.

Installation is complete for both bed lifts and the adjacent passenger lift, operation is super smooth as requested. Bespoke lift car lining enables full washdown should this be required or just simply disinfect the wipe-clean walls. Bumper rails are also part of the lift car design along with full LED lighting all making a very nice clean and bright lift environment.

duplex lift installation in the maternity unit at Nottingham City Hospital