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Donmar warehouse – Lift Installation

Covent Garden, London

Lift Installation at Donmar Warehouse Theatre in Covent Garden. An Ecocell Evacuation lift was the lift installation of choice for this unique installation, the Ecocell has its own battery backup system to allow limited floor to floor runs should there be a power outage allowing Elderly, disabled, and wheelchair users easy access out of the building. The lift shaft was not run of the mill, it was round, but MV overcame this hurdle to fit the square lift in a round shaft. The lift runs 3 floors through the centre of the building and has been supplied with magnetic internal protection curtains should the theatre need to move large set items to the stage floor.

The warehouse itself dates back to the 1600’s and originally was a banana storage warehouse that formed part of the Seven Dials Market, the Seven Dials Market is still a thriving hub in the area and is a very busy tourist location within Covent Garden.

Donmar Warehouse Theatre, seven dials district