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Home Lift Installation, Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

MV Lifts recently completed a Home Lift installation in a private home in Lincolnshire, built with a level of design detail Apple would be proud of, using traditional building methods, Internal lime plastering, Ground source pump heating,

No cement has been used in the build, traditional Oak windows, hand made clay roof tiles need I go on, but maybe house designers should consider just how easy it is to have no steps, lips or anything to hinder disabled wheelchair access to enter into a building, just takes some thought.

Out of respect for our client, we are only sharing images of the Home Lift itself and the location in the property it has been installed. This unique building has a unique lift, designed around the homeowner’s specifications, has a through the car design with different colour lift buttons on each entrance side, has oak flooring, slate walls, and lighting to mimic the stars, the button locations are also to a unique design to allow use for a specific disability along with a dual set of car controls on either side.