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Home Lift Installation Nottingham

Car Colston, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Home Lift Installation at Car Colston Hall, set in its own parkland in the picturesque village of Car Colston. Running 3 floors with decor and door design to match the newly renovated Hall, to walk past the closed doors you would have to look to see it wasn’t a normal door, The lift at Car Colston hall also has a through the car to allow multi-directional access.

This unique lift is designed to not require a lift pit and to have its motor contained within the top of the shaft which also has minimal depth above the lift which allows this compact lift to be retrofitted into many of these types of homes making them more accessible for disabled and elderly residents. MV Lifts exclusive range of home lifts are being installed more and more nationwide.

The Home lift can incorporate Lithium-Ion battery packs to be able to run in a power outage.