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Lift Installation Cambridgeshire

St Neots Library, Cambridgeshire

Lift Installation for Cambridgeshire County Council, EcocellĀ® evacuation lift installed in St Neots Library.

This lift is exclusive to MV Lifts and is proving incredibly popular where the possibility of a power outage that may also need the lift to continue to work for the evacuation of those that need the lift. Along with its obvious benefits, the ability of the elderly or disabled user to retain their dignity rather than being manhandled into an evac chair and uncomfortably taken downstairs, the Battery Backup system is capable of over 130 journeys under battery power.

The EcocellĀ® is designed to reduce energy consumption and to provide an “integrated standby power supply” for evacuation and power loss situations. An EcocellĀ® can be fitted as a new lift or a replacement lift.