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Lift Installation Cardiff

Cardiff, Wales

Lift Installation for Morgan Sindall who has built three almost identical schools in South Wales, two are complete (Glan Morpha & Howardian) and 1st terms for the children start soon, the 3rd Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Hamadryad will be complete soon, they are all great but Hamadryad is a little special as it bears the name of the old seaman’s hospital it will sit alongside. The Royal Hamadryad Hospital opened in 1905 to mark Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee, close to the mooring site of the Hamadryad a 1,000-ton hospital ship built in 1823. The lift of choice was MV Lift’s exclusive Ecocell® Evacuation Lift

The Ecocell® is designed to reduce energy consumption and to provide an “integrated standby power supply” for evacuation and power loss situations. An Ecocell® can be fitted as a new lift or a replacement lift.

Below is a selection of images from all 3 schools

And a few from Hamadryad during installation