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Lift Installation Loughborough University

Loughborough, UK

Lift Installation Loughborough University in their new sportpak facility this £9m project will house the UK’s largest contingent of sports organisations and sporting governing bodies as well as a sport science centre of excellence.

This Lift Installation Loughborough University runs 5 floors and utilises MV Lifts exclusive Ecocell Evacuation lifts. These lifts are uniquie in their ability to make upto 120 floor to floor runs whilst running on their Lithium Power packs which are the sole power source during a power outage. This particualr lift has the optional magnetic protection curtain sides which are hung within the lift car to the ceiling by strong magnets and when they are not needed are simple to remove and store within their provided storage bag, these are ideal to protect the Lift Car from damage when moving heavy objects floor to floor.