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Lift Installation Wales

Cardiff, Wales

National Museum Cardiff was the location for this latest Lift Installation Wales. Two lifts adjacent to each other were installed and they have a through car design to gain access to the basement cafeteria. These lifts are in constant use by the public 7 days a week so they are built to withstand a lot of use.

These lifts have some nice finishing design features, one set of entrance frames are brown as are the door skins, and further to this, the entrance doors are wrapped in a wood grain covering to match the oak architraves and skirting around the car entrance frames. the other set has a stainless bumper trim leading to wood paneling to match the wood grain covered doors.

MV Lifts are well known for the custom bespoke features available with our LIft Installation, MV Lifts can match your lift to pretty much any decor within the existing building.

Lift Installation Wales.