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Lift Installation Worcester University

Worcester, UK

A Lift Installation Worcester at Berrows House which is a new state of the art teaching and training center for health and medical students at the University of Worcester has just had installed a Duplex of lifts in the central atrium area of this amazing building, the duplex contains both a passenger lift or 1000kg and a bed lift with a capacity of 1500kg, both have custom features to include the flooring, lighting and cctv.

The 2nd installation sees one of MV Lifts exclusive Ecocell Evacuation lifts with a priority call feature for dissabled students. These lifts are uniquie in their ability to make upto 120 floor to floor runs whilst running on their Lithium Power packs which are the sole power source during a power outage and can also be configured to prioritise a swipe card call which only dissabled users will be issued with thus allowing speedy evacuation without the need of assistance, should there be a fire in the visinity of the lift it will also dissable this feature to prevent escalating the emergency siuation.


Evacuation Lift with Priority call feature