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Lift Services Cardiff

Cardiff, Wales

Lift Installation in Central Cardiff for Biz Space, this 6-floor lift installation will be kept very busy in this very large office and workspace complex. Morris Vermaport Lift Services Cardiff is due to return and replace a 2nd lift, a Duplex to this current lift in the coming months.

This Lift Installation has a few bespoke features to fit with the client’s brief and keep it within the design of the building, it has a custom tile floor to match the lobby area along with custom car door architraves which match other structures within the building. MV Lifts provide a service that allows bespoke design elements to be incorporated into the Lift Design, this is done with consultation with the client and surveyors, and along with our in-house design team this service is unique in the lift industry. MV Lift Services Cardiff goes the extra mile to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of customer support and satisfaction.

Lift Services Cardiff by MV Lifts