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Nottingham Castle Lift Installation


Lift Installation at Nottingham Castle redevelopment for principal contractor G F Tomlinson’s. The motor room-less traction lift runs 6 floors and is situated in an ancient lift shaft with the quality of brickwork seldom seen today, the lift starts in what is the basement level and this is below ground level into the famous ancient cave structures which run beneath the castle and extend into the City of Nottingham.

The lift car is a custom design and is over standard height to attempt to match the height of the doors within the castle. The interior has a bespoke finish and each floor can be locked off to prevent access to the museum during functions and weddings held at the castle, the Lift is finished in an anthracite brushed steel on both the doors and inside the lift car. A truly uniquely finished lift in an equally unique building and an exemplary lift installation to match.