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Scenic Lift Installation, Dudley

Nottingham, UK

Merry Hill Shopping Centre in Dudley, West Midlands, now boasts a striking Scenic Glass Lift, proudly housed in its own steel structure, serving as a prominent centrepiece in this bustling shopping complex. The entire construction process was meticulously orchestrated during closed hours, with night shifts dedicated to the removal of the old lift and subsequent building works, including the erection of the steel structure. Once this foundational phase concluded, the installation of the lift itself commenced. Only after this step could MV Lift’s skilled building team finalize the building, plastering, and painting works, ensuring a polished appearance for all exposed areas visible to the public.

These Scenic Lift installations offer a transparent view of every component, from the lift pit and car to the pulleys and the vibrant blue of the ZIEHL-ABEGG UK Ltd motor, adding a colourful touch at the pinnacle of the lift shaft. The careful coordination of construction activities during off-peak hours demonstrates MV Lift’s commitment to both efficiency and aesthetics, providing Merry Hill shoppers with a visually stunning and seamlessly integrated vertical mobility experience.