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Traction Lift Installation University of Nottingham

Nottingham, UK

In the heart of the University of Nottingham’s Boots Science Building, the School of Pharmacy and Centre for Biomolecular Sciences now boasts a cutting-edge lift.

This advanced 2100kg, 20-person Traction Lift seamlessly navigates four floors. Reflecting our commitment to university installations, its heavy-duty, super hard-wearing interior, entrance doors, and architraves ensure longevity and durability. Designed for the scientific hub it serves, the lift is equipped with a GAS control feature, facilitating the safe transport of hazardous substances between floors. Adding to its technological prowess, the lift is integrated with the latest DAC digital control unit, underscoring a commitment to innovation and precision.

This cutting-edge lift perfectly complements the University of Nottingham’s commitment to advanced science and infrastructure.